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Wm. C. Young was born Sept. 1, 1821, at Little Britain, Orange Co., N. Y.; is a son of Johnston and Margaret (Berkley) Young. His father was a native of Ireland; his mother was born in New York, of Scotch parentage. At the age of 21 Mr. Young received about $1,700, and prospected nearly two years in the South and West of the U. S., searching tbr a spot to locate that exactly pleased him. Much seeking and much territory of varied attractions only confused his preconceived ideas, and at last, in June, 1844. he invested his money in a large tract of Government land m Cannon, and pitched his tent. He is probably the wealthiest farmer in Kent county. His taxes in 1880 were upward of $250. His whole course through life has been one long series of successes, 'and withal he is an unassuming, unostentatious country gentleman, old fashioned enough to be a Christian in the real sense of the character; liberal to all religious and charitable projects; relied on and trusted; his "word a bond, and his honesty without re proach." He is Director and Trustee of the First National Bank of Greenville; has been well known financially in Kent county for years; has been a money loaner, and trusted many a man in necessity, and found comparatively little ingratitude among his debtors. In the whole course of his business life he has foreclosed but two mortgages, and never sued a man. He hired a man named Peter Deglapper as his substitute in the war of the Rebellion. Mr. D. enlisted in a Michigan regiment for three years; was with Sherman on the "march to the sea," and left his bounty money, $700, in Mr. Young's hands until his return. Mr. Y. is a RepLiblican and has served his tp. in various official positions; has been Trustee of the Church 27 years, also Treasurer. He located land in six paces, including 480 acres; now owns 370 acres of magnificent land, with marvelous improvements. His house is located in the "most beautiful spot in the world," and his surround ings are faultless. He was married in 1850 to Maria J. Arnott, born in New York, of Scotch descent. They have two sons, David and Willis, both living at home. David is married to Nellie Church.

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