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Andrew J. Myers was born in Upper Canada, Feb. 14, 1829, and is a son of Charles F. Myers, who came with his family to Kent county, in 1845, and settled in Alpine tp., which was then a wilderness filled with wolves, deer, bear, and other wild animals. Mr. A. J. Myers killed 45 deer in one faIl. He used to make shingles by band, haul them to Grand Rapids (a distance of 16 miles) with oxen, and sell them for one dollar a thousand, and trade it out for provisions, etc. He came to Algorna in 1865, and settled on sec. 18, where he now resides. He was married Dec. 24, 1852, to Miss Mary K Warner, a native of Cattarangus Co., N. Y., and a dangbter of James Warner, who came to this county in 1850. He was a very hard worker, and died from the effects of bard work in 1854. Mr. and Mrs Myers have had six children, of whom five are living - Dora S., Roseltha A., Highland S., Alice R. and Charles H. The name of the deceased was Marietta E. In the early days Mr. Myers ran lumber down the river to Grand Haven in what was known as cribs, For 34 winters he followed lumbering. He owns 70 acres of valuable land, and is engaged in farming and stock raising.

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