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Benjamin Beach, one of the oldest pioneers of this township, was born near Lake George, Warren Co., N. Y., March 14, 1804. He is the son of William and Lucy (Gleason) Beach, the former born Aug. 18, 1776, the latter May 14, 1786. Mr. Beach died June 29, 1857. Mrs. Beech died Aug. 21, 1862. Benjamin Beach, father of William Beach, was renowned for having served through the entire period of the Revolutionary war, seven years. Mr. Beach, of this sketch, is the oldest of 12 children, five of whom are living He was reared on a farm, and in 1828 engaged in a saw mill in Essex Co., N. Y., and a year later returned to Warren county. In 1831 he was married and went to Glens' Falls, and in 1832 to Syracuse, where he operated a salt block one year. He went thence to Oswego county, and subsequently to Ondndaga county. In May, 1836, he came to Port Huron and became one of the coprs of engineers engaged in surveying the D., G. H. & M. R. R. He went back to New York in the fall, and in August, 1837, he "squatted" on the place where he now resides, a part of which be entered in August. 1838. He has by subsequent additions increased his farm to 120 acres. At the time of his "locating" the Ottawas were very numerous, and were frequent visitors at the pioneer home. Sometimes nearly a score of them would call in a day, and Mr. Beach was familiarly known to them as Flint, and highly considered from his skill as a deer hunter. His farm is in fine condition, 112 acres being in tillage He was married April 28, 1831, to Betsey, daughter of Horace and Charlotte (Frazier). Ward, born at Springfield, Vt., Sept. 24, 1812. They completed a half century of happy married life, Apr. 28, 1881. Following is a record of their children - Sarah S., born March 6, 1836, now Mrs. Mark Spencer, dec.; Warren, May 24, 1841, married M. A. Putruff, dec.; Martha M., April 12, 1839. now Mrs. Geo. Strong; Orrin, March 9, 1844, married Anna E. Friedewick; Alice J., Dec. 17, 1848, now Mrs. Wallace Langs; and Seymour, March 8, 1853, married Rosa B. Culver.

History of Kent County, Michigan
Chas C. Chapman & Company
Chicago 1881.

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