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Of those hardy first pioneers who came into Climax when its present farms were forests, or unbroken prairies, its homes the log shanties first built now existing only in the imaginings of the first settlers, there was no one better fitted to fill such a place than Isaac Pierce, of whom this brief sketch is written. A man of firm constitution, of great physical strength, and of indomitable will, he seemed formed by nature to be "a leader of men," a pioneer.

He was born in Berkshire Co., Mass., July 28, 1803. His family were of English origin, having early emigrated to America.

Langworthy Pierce, Isaac's father, was born in Rhode Island, from whence he moved, after his marriage, to Berkshire Co., Mass. In 1811 he went to New York, flna]ly buying a farm of wild land in Livingston County, which he improved and lived upon until 1830, when be moved to Niagara County, where he lived until his death. Isaac lived with his father until his marriage, working on the farm from childhood, and receiving his education mostly in the school of observation. After his marriage, in 1831, he started in life for himself; working land on shares for a time, and then buying a farm by article, on which but little nad to be paid. We next find him in Niagara County, where be bought a farm of wild land, and on which he built a log house, and with his accustomed energy commenced to improve and clear.

This farm he sold in 1835 and came to Climax, Mich., where he bought one hundred and sixty acres of land on which, part of the village of Climax now stands. The next year he came with his family and commenced life in the new home. This farm he cleared and improved as well as several others at different times owned by him. On this farm he lived until his death, which occurred July 12, 1873. To the farm he added until he owned at different times eight hundred acres of land; and it is said of him that few man did more hard work or contributed more toward the improvement of the town. -

In an early day he was a Whig, and at the first township meeting was electeda justice of the peace, which office he held many years. He was a leader in his party, and at the first township meeting, which was one of the most hotly contested elections ever held in the town, no one did more to earn the victory won by the Whigs than Mr. Pierce. He was at different times supervisor of the town. Re died a wealthy man. For his first wife he married Miss Catherine Archer, by whom he had ten children. His second wife was Emeline E. Hadley, who was born Oct. 8, 1822. Their union was blessed with five children.

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