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Sabin M. Nichols was born in Townshend, Vt., March 16, 1815. He was the youngest of eight children, who grew to be men and women. His father, Reuben Nichols, was a farmer in Townshend, and died when Sabin was but four months old. The heroic mother by her energy kept the family t6gether, and supported them from the products of the old farm, where she died in October, 1874, in her one hundredth year.

Sabin M. lived at home until he attained majority. In 1843 he married Sarah Patch, and came in the fall of the year to Kalamazoo County, and purchased the farm where he now resides, upon which there was a small improvement. This he has added to by his energy and thrift, and it is now one of the many beautiful farms of Kalamazoo. The only surviving child is his son Frederick.

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