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WILLIAM MILHAM was born in the town of Claveraek, Columbia Co., N. Y., Sept. 5, 1824. When he was twenty years old he came to Michigan with his father, John Milham, who settled in the town of Kalamazoo. William remained with his father four years. He then started out in life for himself, buying, in company with his brother, of a Mr. Stone, the two hundred acres of land he now owns in Portage, and on which he resides. The quarter-section on which his buildings are situated had nearly all been broken up, and on it were a small house and two barns. In 1857 he bought his brother's share in the farm, giving him as part payment one hundred and sixty sores of timber-land which he had previously purchased. Mr. Milham has improved his farm, and built a large and beautiful house with fine ontbuildings. His location is a sightly one, being in the centre of a large park, tastefully ornamented with trees and shrubbery. To his farm he has added, until at this time he owns about four hundred acres. Mr. Milham is not a politician, but always votes. He is a Democrat.

Mr. Milham has been thrice married. His first wife was Miss Ann Eliza Ham, who was born in Claveraek, N. Y., Nov. 30, 1826. They wefe married April 19, 1849. There was born to them one child, Annie E., April 27, 1862. Mrs. Milham died May 27, 1862.

For his second wife he married Mariette Root, who died in 1866.

Married, third, Miss Emma Seudder, who was born in Newton village, Conn., Dee. 8, 1837; died March 27, 1876. There was born to them one daughter, Flora E., July 3, 1870.

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