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George T. Howard was born in Kent County, Md., May 21, 1816, and is a son of Stephen Howard, who was born in Delaware September 12, 1791, and Margaret (Lamb) Howard. The Howard family consisted of seven children, who grew to manhood’s estate, and his father being in very moderate circumstances, George, as soon as able, was necessitated to labor in behalf of his own support, and at the tender age of seven years was placed out for three years, and when quite a lad worked three years at $9 per annum, his board and his clothing, whièh it is needless to say were manufactured of the most simple and inexpensive material. The $27 thus earned was passed over to his father to assist in maintaining the younger children, as was all the money he earned, until he attained the age of twenty-one years, which was an act of filial duty all would expect of Mr. Howard. Having been, by the force of circumstances, deprived of the opportunities. of obtaining an education, he started out on the uncertain voyage of life under adverse circumstances, but being possessed of great bodily vigor and a resolute heart, he commenced life for himself as a farm hand, firmly resolved to succeed, and success has crowned his efforts.

September 5, 1843, he was married to Eliza, daughter of Benjamin Parsons. who was born at Milford Neck, Kent County, Del., February 28, 1827. In the fall of 1845, they started for Cass County, and arrived here in September, and money being very scarce, he received, but 60 cents per day for his labor, and frequently worked for two bushels of corn per day. the corn being worth from 18 to 20 cents per bushel, one.half store pay.

He soon purchased 103 acres of land and commenced farming for himself and has succeeded admirably, for he now possesses the farms taken up by George and Sylvester Meacham, having in all 310 acres, and great credit is due Mr. Howard for his success. Mrs. Howard, who departed this life September 9, 1880, after an illness of seventeen years, was a most estimable lady and did her full share in the matrimonial voyage of life.

They became the parents of three children, Margaret S., now Mrs. B. F. Thompson, in Ontwa, who was born August 11, 1844; William G., an attorney in Kalamazoo, where he graduated, arid former Prosecuting Attorney of Cass County, who was born May 18, 1846; John A., born December 14, 1848, died June 8, 1874, and who was Treasurer of the town; and an adopted daughter, Ann May, who was born November 14, 1856. His father Stephen, came to Cass County, and died here December 26, 1863, his mother's death occurring East, April 13, 1845.

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