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James L., or Col. Glenn, as he was commonly called, was one of the early residents and prominent men of Cass County. He was a native of Pennsylvania, and most of his early life was spent in Philadelphia. He acquired a good education, and adopted the profession of a civil engineer, which he followed successfully, upon public works until he came West in 1834. He first located at Niles, but soon, afterward removed to Cass County, and settled upon a farm on the south side of Beardsley's Prairie. He was elected Sheriff and Representative in the State Legislature. He was not a political aspirant, and held no other elective offices than these, but was several times appointed to honorable positions. In 1847, he was appointed a commissioner to plan and survey the city of Lansing, the then newly located capital of Michigan, and to erect a State House in time for the ensuing session of the Legislature. The appointment was in the line of his profession, and he accepted it with alacrity. Although the time allowed for the work was short, Col. Glenn accomplished his task in due season, and to the satisfaction of the State. The Sault Ste. Marie Canal is another monument of his engineering skill, of which there are several in the State.

Col. Glenn died after a short illness January 1, 1876. He seemed almost to the last to be hale and strong. He was a man of fine social qualities, led a blameless life and occupies an enviable position in the memory of a very large number of Cass and Berrien County people, having been associated with the latter almost as intimately as with the former.

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