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This gentleman was born in Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., Jan. 24, 1794. His grandfather, Samuel Carpenter, was a native of England, and settled in Stephentown very early with his family. His son, Greenman Carpenter (father of Thomas G.) entered land on the Connecticut tract in the town of Sweden, now in Monroe Co., N. Y., in 1811, and in 1812 his son occupied it, the remainder of the family not removing to it as was originally intended. Thomas G. Carpenter enlisted as a drummer in the war of 1812—15, and served one year. After his term of service had expired, he returned home, and was married to Miss Liddie James, March 10, 1816. They moved to Sweden township, and redeemed one hundred acres of the land which had been entered by Mr. Carpenter’s father, and lived upon it for nineteen years, during which period eight children were born to them. In the spring of 1837, owing to severe losses, Mr. Carpenter removed with his family to Michigan, and settled in the township of Alamo, Kalamazoo Co. The entire distance, from the old home in New York, was traversed with a team, the journey occupying thirteen days’ time. Mr. Carpenter built the first frame building in the township, and still resides in it. When he came West he had a large family to care for, and the sum of five dollars and ten cents constituted his financial balance; and he possessed no stock of any kind, except his team. But he was of that rugged pioneer type which brings men safely through difficulties, and, though adversity frowned upon him for a time, he at length prospered. He is an old-line Democrat in politics, and has held the position of township treasurer in Alamo, and various other offices. He and his venerable wife have been married nearly sixty-four years, and both are still living; his wife is eighty years of age,— six years younger than the “old pioneer,” whose name is at the head of this article. Both are members of the Methodist Church. The oldest son, James J. Carpenter, married a daughter of Luther Chamberlain, of Cooper township, and resides with his father-in-law. George W. married Miss Maria Wilson, and lives at home with his parents. The remaining children are married, and scattered over the country, one living in Kansas, another living in California, one in Wisconsin, and one in Prairie Ronde township, Kalamazoo Co.

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