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HERMAN BLANCHARD was born in Concord, New Hampshire, Feb. 12, 1797. He comes of a patriotic and warlike family. His father, David Blanchard, who was also born in Concord, was a soldier in the old French war, and served a short time in the Revolutionary war in the place of one of his sons, who was sick. His sons, John and Joseph, were both in the same war, while his younger sons, Herman and Moses, served in the war of 1812. David lived on the old homestead, which was two and a half miles from the state house. The farm was cleared by his father, and there he died. After the war David returned to the old farm, where he passed the remain der of his days.

Herman remained on the farm with his parents until he was eleven years old, when he went to live with Maj. Long’s father, with whom he resided until he was seventeen years old. The war of 1812 was then in progress, and, tne to the family record, young Herman enlisted in Capt. Smith’s company, which was raised for a volunteer regiment. The regiment not having filled, the men were transferred to the 45th United States regulars, young Blanchard becoming a member of Capt. Bradford’s company. He served one year, and was discharged. He was in the battle of Plattsburgh. After the war he returned to the old home at Concord, where he remained two years. He then worked for Mr. Long one year, after which he went to Jefferson Co., N. Y. Here he worked one summer for what was known as Gen. Brown’s company, who were then engaged building mills. In the year 1818 he bought a farm on which he paid what money he bad saved, all of which he lost by a defective title. A year later we find him on a farm of his own,— this time on a new farm in Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. It was miles from any neighbor; but for Mr. Blanchard this had no terrors, and with his accustomed energy he went to work to reclaim the wilderness. On this farm he remained seven years, when he exchanged it for one in the same town on which he resided until 1841, when he exchanged it for one in Michigan, on which he settled in 1842. This farm was in Cooper township, Kalamazoo Co., and was all new save about six acres. On this he built a log cabin. Mr. Blanchard had no money, and times were hard; and but for Mrs. Blanchard’s trade,— that of a tailoress,— it would have been close management to keep the wolf from the door. Here they have since lived; and here they expect to pass the remainder of their days.

Mr. Blanchard has always been a Democrat, though he is not a politician. In religion he is liberal. He married Miss Betsey Taylor Nov. 23, 1824. She was the daughter of Stephen and Ruth (Lovejoy) Taylor, was born Jan. 20, 1803, and died June 6, 1838. Their children were as follows: Hannah M., born Jan. 12, 1826; William B., born Dec. 12, 1829, died Dec. 17, 1849.

Mr. Blanchard married, June 3, 1839, Miss Laura Weed, who was born in Saratoga Co., N. Y., March 11, 1810. She was the daughter of John D and Betsey (Wood) Weed. Mrs. Blanchard has beer a church member nearly fifty years.

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