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This well known citizen of the township of Bertrand was born near Easton, Northampton Co., Pa., on the 10th day of September, in the year 1821, being the sixth child of Abraham Messenger and his wife, whose maiden name was Margaret Kemerer. His parents removed to Tompkins Co., N. Y., when the subject. of our sketch was about a year old, where his father followed the occupation of a farmer. He died, however, when his son Samuel was but seven years old, and the latter was indebted for his subsequent training to his mother.

As he grew up to youth and manhood, he alternated the studies of the district school with the labor of the farm, remaining on the old homestead until all the rest of the children had left it. In 1844, when Mr. Messenger was twenty-three years old, he and his mother emigrated together to Michigan, where he purchased one hundred and fifteen acres of land, nearly, though not quite entirely, unimproved, situated on Portage Prairie, in the township of Bertrand, about three miles and a half southwest of the city of Niles.

There Mr. Messenger has resided during the thirty-six years which have passed away since the date of his first settlement, resisting all the temptations which have lured so many into fruitless change or hazardous speculation, improving his farm from year to year, increasing its size from one hundred and fifteen to one hundred and ninety acres, erecting substantial buildings, and making for himself and his family a comfortable home.

Mr. Messenger was married, in the year 1850, to Miss Ann Mary Woods, daughter of Richard Woods, of Westchester Co.. N. Y. She died on the 14th of July, 1874.

Mr. and Mrs. Messenger were the parents of four children, Genevieve, Hettie, Abraham S., and Schuyler. The second and third of these are dead; the oldest and the youngest reside with their father.

A Whig in early life, Mr. Messenger joined the Republican party at its formation, and, though not an active politiciati, has ever since steadily adhered to its principles and supported its candidates. In religious faith he is a Presbyterian, having joined the church of that denomination at Niles in 1877.

These are the simple facts of Mr. Messenger's life. We make no attempt to elaborate the record, or to portray him other than what he is, a plain, substantial, straightforward, common sense Michigan farmer.

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