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DR. EDWARD HALL was born near Manchester, England, April 15. 1830, and emigrated to the United States in the fall of 1838, with his mother, five brothers, and three sisters; his father, Thomas P. Hall, having preceded them one year. After a very stormy passage of sixty one days they landed at Boston, on Thanksgiving day, and it was truly a thanksgiving day to those storm-tossed pilgrims. The family proceeded at once to Lowell, and all that were old enough went to work with their father (who followed calico-printing for forty-five years) in the celebrated Merrimac Print Works. After the death of their mother, which occurred in November, 1843, the family was broken up for about a year, when they came together again near Worcester, Mass. After a residence there of a year the father and six of the children emigrated, in a wagon, to Monroe Co., Mich. After remaining there one year and a half; two sons, Edward and Thomas, started again westward, and, walking across the State of Michigan, found employment on farms near Laporte, Ind. Edward worked for Dr. B. C. Bowell three years, when he began the study of medicine, which he continued for four years. Graduating at the Eclectic Medical Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio, he began the practice of medicine at Delhi, Delaware Co., Iowa. In 1855 he was joined by his father and four brothers, who lived with him until the winter of 1856-57, when they all removed to Lyon Co., Kansas, where they remained until 1861. Then the doctor moved back to Laporte, Ind., and in 1862 removed to Berrien Springs. Here he remained eight years, and, by close attention to his profession and strict integrity, built up a large practice, and was surrounded by a host of very warm friends. In the spring of 1870, in consequence of failing health, he removed to Royalton township and engaged in fruit-raising.

His family consists of a wife and six children, having married Lorinda C. Roe, Aug. 24, 1854. Their children are four sons, viz., W. C., T. H., E. L., and A. R., and two daughters, Lorinda E. and Mary E. Hall.

Dr. Hall says of his father, “He was a native of London, England, lived to the age of eighty seven years, and had not a day’s sickness in his long life, and only a day or two at its close.”

The doctor has led an active, useful life in his profession, than which none gives more opportunities for doing good. He has been faithful to this profession, and the years of his practice have been wholly devoted to his work, losing no time by sickness, not having been confined to his bed twenty-four hours in forty years.

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