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Johm H. Mack, son of the late John Mack, of South Bend, came to La Porte in April, 1844. The next winter he engaged in teaching school. For a number of years he taught daring the winter, and worked at his trade in the summer. In the fall of 1855 he bought an interest in a saw-mill in Green tp., and has been engaged in lumbering till about seven years ago, when he went to farming; has 160 acres in sec. 4. The record of their family is given here. John Mack, Sr., was born April 2, 1762, and died March 6, 1818; Silence Enos, born Oct. 14, 1771, died Oct. 30, 1799; Elizabeth, born June 4, 1790, died April 25, 1873; married Richard Smith; Mary Polly, born Nov. 3, 1792; she married Samuel G. Barr, who died Jan. 24, 1876, aged 84; she died April 6, 1835; John Mack, Jr., born Nov. 15, 1794, died April 8, 1878; James E., born Dec. 6, 1797, died. March 20, 1832; Experience Joyner, second wife of John Mack, Sr., was born in August, 1775, and died in 1857. Their children are: Pauline E., born Feb. 6, 1801, married Mr. Hall, and died May 4, 1861; Charlotte, born May 11, 1803, married Mr. Gillett, and. died Dec. 29, 1873; Williani J., born Sept. 30, 1805, and resides in Buffalo; Hiram, born May 19, 1808, left Buffalo May 16, 1834, starting for St. Louis, and was never heard of afterward; James Huggins, second husband of Experience Jovner, was born. July 4, 1766, and died Oct. 31, 1842; Joseph Hanford, father of Clarissa W. Hanford, was born in 1739, and died May 2, 1826; Clarissa W. Hanford was born Feb. 8, 1793, and died Sept. 6, 1841; John H. was born Oct. 26, 1820; an infant was born Aug. 17, 1822, which died the next day; Helen, born April 10, 1824; Elizabeth M., born Oct. 26, 1825, and died July 30, 1826; Walter B., born May 6, 1827, residence Cedar Rapids, Iowa; William, born Oct. 9, 1828, and resides in this county; Achsah M. Leland, second wife of John Mack, Jr., born Feb. 22, 1805, and died April 6, 1875; a female infant was born March 6, 1846, which died the same day; James L., born June 28, 1849.

John Mack, Sr., married Silence Enos Sept. 16, 1788; and for his second wife, Experience Joyner, Nov. 2, 1799. Children of John Mack, Sr.: Elizabeth, married Richard Smith Jan. 18, 1808; John Mack, Jr., married Clarissa W. Hanford March 7, 1819, and for his second wife, Achsah M. Leland, March 27, 1842; Pauline E. Mack, married Asa Hall, Dec. 96, 1820; Mary Polly, married Samuel T. Barr Feb. 19, 1821; James E., married Marcia White Jan. 14, 1822; Charlotte, married Reynolds Gillett Dec. 2, 1827; William IT., married Ann Holbrook Nov. 28, 1833. Experience Mack, former wife of J. Mack, Sr., married James Higgins Dec. 11, 1825; Samuel T. Barr, former husband of Mary Mack, married Marcia Mack, former wife of James E. Mack.

Children of John Mack, Jr.: William, married Lauretta Thurber Feb. 4, 1852; Walter B., married Rebecca Southerland June 28, 1853; John H. Mack, married Sarah S. Wharton Feb. 7, 1866; James L. Mack, married Ella Funk March 30, 1871.

Family of John H. Mack: Sarah L. Wharton Mack was born in 1845, and their children are: John W., born Feb. 9, 1867; Franklin H., born Aug. 14, 1870; Walter J., born March 1, 1875; Reuben S., born July 20, 1877; and Olarissa W., born Oct. 30, 1879.

History of St. Joseph County, Indiana
Chas. C. Chapman & Co., Publisher
Chicago 1880.

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