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PETER SHARP, farmer, P. O. Elgin, was born in 1824, in Perthshire, Scotland. In 1847 his father, Charles Sharp, brought his family, comprising one son and four daughters, to America, the wife and mother, Anne Sharp, dying on the voyage over. Peter Sharp came to this country in 1842, spent two yesrs in Morris County, N. J., and came to Chicago in May, 1844. Having spare time, he amused himself by pigeon shooting on the "flats" environing the frontier town, which swamps or "flats" are now covered by "flats" of an entirely different character. For a time he busied himself at the carpenters' and joiners' trade in Chicago, and later at Dundee. In December, 1851, he married Miss Janet, daughter of David C. and Jane (Martin) Whyte, who came from Scotland to America and Cook County in 1843. D. C. Whyte died March 7, 1869; his widow survives him, at the ago of ninety. Since 1867 Mr. Peter Sharp has owned the old "Leatherman Farm," a noted place in the early Hanover history, it being the seat of the famous old "tavern" where the first town election was held, in 1850. The old "tavern stand," in good state of repair, is now the roomy home of Mr. Sharp. in politics Mr. Sharp was first an Abolitionist, then a Republican, his vote and that of Sir. Whyte being the only ones cast for Birney in 1850. Since his first location in Hanover Mr. Sharp has been kept in various school and town offices - Town Treasurer fifteen years, Town Clerk nineteen years, etc. His wife, the present clerk and director of this school district, was the first lady elected to these offices in Cook County. Mr. and Mrs. Sharp have nine living children, having lost one.

History of Cook County, Illinois
From the earliest period to the present time.
BY: A. T. Andreas
A. T. Andreas, Publisher
Chicago 1884.