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C. W GOULD, manufacturer and dealer in butter and cheese, Elgin. is a son of Samuel Gould. who brought his family from North Adams, Mass., to Hanover, Cook Co.. Ill.. in 1845. In Hanover, Mr. S. Gould began on a new farm. underwent the usual pioneering experiences of that day, and finally established a good farm and home for his family. He died in 1850. One year prior to this he had begun the dairy business, making farm cheese, having only the old fashioned apparatus and twelve or fonrteen cows. On this modest foundation Mr. C. W. Gould has built up a business almost immense in scope. The finn of C. W. Gould & Co. controlling fourteen cheese and butter factories located in Kane, Cook, Lake, Du Page and De Kalb counties. During season of 1883, about 203 cheeses, of forty pounds average weight, and 400 tubs or 2,400 pounds of butter were made daily. Sales are made over the entire Union, principally, however, in the South and West. Mr. Gould established the first full cream cheese factory in Cook County in 1865, it being provided with heater vats and other appliunces of to-day. He has an elegant home in Elgin and evidently enjoys the management ot his large and increasing business. The firm have a retail store in Elgin and also a sash, door and blind factory. where the manufactnre of butter tubs and boxes is also carried on. Mr. Gould married in Hanover, Mrs. Mariette Hunting. who died July 27, 1881, leaving seven children, all born in Cook County, Ill.

History of Cook County, Illinois
From the earliest period to the present time.
BY: A. T. Andreas
A. T. Andreas, Publisher
Chicago 1884.