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New York

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J. A. COOK, farmer, P. 0. Elgin, is a son of John F. and Mary (Wiggins) Cook, and was born 1835 in New York City. In 1840 the family caine to Elgin and engaged in farming, at which J. A. Cook continued until he was twenty-one, when he went to Chicago and for ten years engaged in the milk business. In 1867 he bought his present 160-acre farm, every acre of which is well improved and tillable. On this farm he has erected several substantial barns and other buildings required in the dairy business and has just completed one of the most elegant and commodious farm-houses in the county, at a cost of about $4,000. The plan of the house is his own and combines many excellent ideas of convenience and external elegance. Mrs. J. A. Cook was Miss Catherine Corrall, of Lockpnrt, N. Y., and they have three children - Mary, John F. and Edward. The daughter is a graduate and the sons attendants of the Elgin schools.

History of Cook County, Illinois
From the earliest period to the present time.
BY: A. T. Andreas
A. T. Andreas, Publisher
Chicago 1884.