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SAM HOUSTON, in the opinion of some critics one of the most remarkable men who ever figured in American history, was a native of Rockbridge county, Virginia, born March 2, 1793. Early in life he was left in destitute circumstances by the death of .his father, and, with his mother, removed to Tennessee, then almost a boundless wilderness. He received but little education, spending the most of his time among the Cherokee Indians. Part of the time of his residence there Houston acted as clerk for a trader and also taught one of the primitive schools of the day. In 1813 he enlisted as private in the United States army and was engaged under General Jackson in the war with the Crsek Indians. When peace was made Houston was a lieutenant, but he resigned his commission and commenced the study of law at Nashville. After holding some minor offices he was elected member of congress 'from Tennessee. This was in 1823. He retained this office until 1827, when he was chosen governor of the state. In 1829, resigning that office before the expiration of his term, Sam Houston removed to Arkansas, and made his home among the Cherokees, becoming the agent of that tribe and representing their interests at Washington. On a visit to Texas, just prior to the election of delegates to a convention called for the purpose of drawing up a constitution previous to the admission of the state into the Mexican union, he was unanimously chosen a delegate. The convention framed the constitution, but, it being rejected by the government of Mexico, and the petition for admission to the Confederacy denied and the Texans told by the president of the Mexican union to give up their arms, bred trouble. It was determined to resist this demand. A military force was soon organized, with Genera! Houston at the head of it, War was prosecuted with great vigor, and with varying success, but at the battle of San Jacinto, April 21, 1836, the Mexicans were defeated and their leader and president, Santa Anna, captured. Texas was then proclaimed an independent republic, and in October of the same year Honston was inaugurated president. On the admission of Texas to the Federal Union, in 1845, Houston was elected senator, and held that position for twelve years. Opposing the idea of secession, he retired from political life in 1861, and, died at Huntsville, Texas, July 25, 1863.

A Biographical Record
Of Schuyler County, New York
The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company
New York and Chicago 1903.


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